Saturday, August 28, 2010

Journalists and Coders Combine Forces

Right after my last somewhat downbeat post about the possible  future of Skype, I ran across this post that lifted my spirits. This looks like collaboration in a new and possibly very fertile way. It is supported in part by the Mozilla Foundation which really caught my attention:

"Hacks/Hackers, Mozilla, the Medill School of Journalism, The Media Consortium and others are teaming up to develop a solid six-week online curriculum that will benefit both "hacks" and hackers (that's journalists & programmers, in plain English). Each week the course will focus on a different topic, and each week the participants will be joined by a different subject-matter expert (or two) from the field of news innovation. The course readings, online participation, and a seminar are expected to require roughly 4-6 hours per week."

The full story is here. 


  1. Hi Lisa, You might like this piece of mine about the challenges of the new field developers-slash-journalists:

  2. SaM,
    Your post is a very nice follow on - thanks for sharing it. Your comments about curriculum make me think about the difficulties we face (but must face and overcome) when developing interdisciplinary computing education. As you say, it isn't a matter of adding a course here and there to either program of study. We need to truly tackle the blend and the implications of that blending - ethical and otherwise.