Friday, August 5, 2011

Off to ICER - What Shall I Find?

Saturday I take a red-eye to Providence, Rhode Island (east coast USA) for the ICER conference. This is a small, intimate, very interesting conference focused on computing education research. The papers are generally quite interesting, have been through a blind peer review, and are eventually published in the ACM Digital Library.  There is a doctoral consortium to encourage up and coming researchers in the field. Quite a few years ago I was a participant in the doctoral consortium (several times) and I remember it fondly - although some of those faculty discussants did their best to politely but firmly pin us to the wall until we answered their questions!

There appears to be plenty of work being presented related to my professional work in assessment/evaluation and in learner misconceptions. Beyond looking at that work, this year I am more than ever interested in ferreting out any active research involving interdisciplinary and social issues in computing. So far, I see in the abstracts a lightening talk about work in the HFOSS Project (the Humanitarian FOSS Project: Building Free Open Source Software for Society).

None of the full length papers jump out at me just from the titles (I have not yet obtained access to them because of a s/w glitch) however I know that several of the authors are involved in socially relevant work and are quite innovative people.

I intend to go on the hunt and track down all the interesting work and incubating ideas I can find and report on them here.

Stay tuned!

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