Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Would You Like?

A short note this afternoon.

I have some very interesting material to share with you over the next few weeks if all goes according to schedule. I'm investigating several intriguing people and projects.

Meanwhile, as things are percolating here, I think this is a good time to throw a question out there. You can respond to me privately, as many of you already do, or post your ideas here as a comment if you feel brave. 

Are there any any particular topics in interdisciplinary computing and/or socially beneficial computing that you would like to see me write about? 

My ears are always open to your ideas.


  1. I had recently heard (on NPR?) about school or business (yes, vague from my recollection) sponsored hack-a-thons in which groups of folks literally lock themselves in a room for a weekend (or let's say a site) and develop software for developing countries. I'm thinking of how to parlay that at the undergraduate local level.. hack for your community. I think the larger effort that I heard about was developing software to help in crisis response, or something...

    1. Thanks Pete. Sounds interesting. I'll hack around and see what I can find out.