Friday, June 8, 2012

.apples and .oranges

It is too late to request .trees or .friedegg or .boogieboard but sometime in the not too distant future you might find yourself directed to a domain with one of those names. The official applicant list won't be revealed until June 13, but speculation can run rampant for now. .holdingmybreath

In case you aren't up on all the latest Internet news, there is a grand expansion in the works. After all the technical glitches and legalese are worked out, you will have the opportunity to express yourself online in new and creative ways never before imagined. .anticipation

As far as one can tell, pretty much any word was up for grabs during the application period this spring. There is plenty of room for having a good laugh (imagine some teenage group grabbing .goober for example) but these new domains also provide an exciting opportunity for the creative to stand out from the crowd in productive ways. .marketingopportunities

The public relations folks have probably already had a field day coming up with domain requests that reflect the mission of their organizations, yet will work well with a front-end name. "tea" can stand for the drink made from leaves, or it can stand for the Texas Education Agency, the Tennessee Education Association, or the Themed Entertainment Association.   .trickyevaluatingalternatives

"car" is usually associated with the gas guzzling object on wheels we all know and love, but it also stands for Compass and Ruler (an open source geometry program), the Chicago Artists Resource, Companion Animal Recovery, and of course, for you Lisp fans "car" should be listed first.

June 13 will be a fun day. I wonder if anyone has requested ".internet" or ".url"?


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  1. Update. The applicant list has been posted:

    Sorry that blogger doesn't hotlink the URL. (Blogger developers are you out there? Update this functionality please)